Leaders in human health for over 20 years in food supplements



We are a team of veterinarians, biologists, doctors, microbiologists, pharmacists and geneticists, leaders in human health for over 20 years in nutritional supplements. Our culture is based on continuous innovation and our social responsibility.

We provide our pets and animals with innovative natural products where the bioactive molecules from medicinal fungi (the Fungi kingdom) play an essential role in preventing and treating diseases.



To be a biotechnology company with an international vocation, a leader in comprehensive veterinary solutions in the health field, ensuring the traceability of our ingredients, and committed to bringing value and knowledge to society.



At HifasVet, we work to improve every day and to continue innovating in products and functional ingredients that care for people, pets, production animals and the environment, within the global approach of “ONE HEALTH – ONE SINGLE HEALTH”, where the veterinary professional is at the centre of our business.


Catalina Fdez. de Ana Portela


“Hifas da Terra has been leading know-how in Mycotherapy for 20 years, with new research and clinical tests, applying sustainable technologies (green technologies) in its extractive processes. We develop high-quality, safe and effective natural products from medicinal fungi (nutraceuticals, medical products and pharmaceuticals)”.

Begoña Ondiviela


“As a professional veterinarian, I have observed the transformation of the sector in the last years and the evolution of demand from the clinical veterinarian and the pet owner for natural, innovative products with clinical evidence. Our main areas of activity are oncology, immunomodulation, digestive health, microbiota and neurology, joint health and dermatology. Our project at HifasVet complies with the ‘ONE HEALTH’ approach: A society where people live together and have links with pets is more empathic, inclusive, responsible, sociable and happy”.

Esteban Sinde


“The Hifas Group has led over 20 years in R+D+i in mycotherapy, contributing to the broadening of the knowledge and efficacy that medicinal fungi contribute to the health and welfare of animals. At HifasVet, we have developed innovative formulae through our experience in biotechnology, innovation and ecology. Furthermore, our quality and traceability give us the confidence to perform clinical tests on pets and production studies in livestock that are unique in Europe at the level of mycoimmunobiotics, a new integrative therapy coined by our research team. All this without forgetting our responsibility and commitment to the environment and the philosophy of ‘ONE HEALTH’.