What the Bioactive Molecules in Fungi Can Do for your Pets

The new range of

For dogs and cats of any breed and age
Highly palatable, in oral suspension for ease of administration and adherence to treatments.

Medicinal mushrooms are great natural immunomodulators that aid in the treatment of infectious and autoimmune diseases. They provide nutrients that strengthen the immune system of pets and help the protective action of their defences, increasing their resistance and vitality.
Medicinal mushrooms are prebiotic, they induce changes in the gut microbiota or flora and contribute to digestive well-being.
The balance of the microbiota is essential in the prevention and improvement of diseases, not only in gastrointestinal complications but also in a wide range of pathologies.
Medicinal mushrooms have shown a relevant role in modulating the inflammatory and immune response in osteoarthritis and arthritis. They protect the joint and contribute to optimal joint care.
Medicinal mushrooms have shown an important role in improving the quality of life of pets undergoing oncological veterinary care, reducing the side effects associated with treatments.
Its bioactive molecules have cytotoxic, anti-tumour and anti-metastatic properties.
Topical cream recommended for dogs and cats of any breed and age.
It protects and cares for the skin, regenerating it and relieving the itchy feeling.
It is a functional raw material composed of a combination of medicinal mushrooms, specially formulated by HIFAS VET to enhance energy and performance in competition animals, as well as digestive improvement and colic prevention.