Medicinal fungi are prebiotic, induce changes in the microbiota or intestinal flora and contribute to digestive well-being.

This is an exciting field, given the importance of the microbiota balance in preventing and improving diseases, not only in gastrointestinal pathologies but also in multiple pathologies.

Medicinal fungi are great natural immunomodulators in infectious and autoimmune diseases.

They strengthen the immune system and help protect the defences, increasing the resistance and vitality of pets.



It indicates medicinal fungi as a supportive treatment for animals with oncological processes (especially breast carcinoma in elderly bitches).

They improve the general condition of the animals, have cytotoxic, antitumor and antimetastatic properties, improve their quality of life and decrease the side effects associated with treatments. In addition, medicinal fungi
are recommended to aid recovery in states of associated anorexia, cachexia, and weakness.

Medicinal fungi have demonstrated a relevant role in modulating the inflammatory and immunological response in osteoarthritis and arthritis.

They protect the joint and contribute to the care and optimum maintenance of the joints, degenerative processes of the articular cartilage and strengthening of tendons and ligaments.

Musculoskeletal system


Medicinal mushrooms have adaptogenic properties, with a relaxing action,
anti-stress and beneficial effects in sleep conciliation.

It is effective in pet anxiety states, behaviour modifications, and other pathologies of cognitive impairment, such as the typical symptoms of brain ageing and neuropathies.

Medicinal fungi have demonstrated skin protection, care, regeneration, and relief from itching.

They improve the appearance of the skin and have anti-inflammatory activity, contributing to the healing of wounds.